Survey Explorer

Survey Explorer

Surveys are valuable medical research tools because they efficiently capture vital information that can be applied to a variety of research interests.

We ask participants in the All of Us Research Program to respond to surveys spanning a variety of topics including demographics, health care, and lifestyle.

Each survey has been tested for readability and accessibility through cognitive interviews and quantitative testing. Our testing process included diverse populations from different educational backgrounds and geographic locations to capture a sample reflective of the U.S. population.

All participants take the following surveys: The Basics, Overall Health, and Lifestyle. After completing these core surveys, participants may complete additional surveys including: Health Care Access, Personal Medical History, and Family Medical History. The program will release additional surveys over time.

The Basics

This core survey (required for participation) asks basic demographic questions including questions about a participant’s work and home.


This survey asks questions about a participant’s use of tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drugs.

Overall Health

This survey collects information about a participant’s overall health including general health, daily activities, and women’s health topics.

Personal Medical History

This survey collects information about past medical history, including medical conditions and approximate age of diagnosis.

Healthcare Access & Utilization

This survey asks questions about a participant’s access to and use of health care.

Family Medical History

This survey asks about the medical history of a participant’s immediate biological family members.